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Ongoing Fundraisers

Kuranda Bed Donation

Dogs and cats alike love Kuranda beds. We have several PIF foster cats who would love one from Santa this year! Click the picture below for more information.

Shoe Collection

PIF is always collecting shoes to earn money to help animals. We are paid by the pound and the condition of the shoes is not important. Shoes can be dropped off at Ma's Doggy Daycare & Grooming at 728 Second Street, in Henderson or simply drop us an e-mail at pifanimal@yahoo.com and we will pick up the shoes.


Stop by Schnucks grocery stores, pick up a customer card, use it when you make purchases, and PIF receives 3% of your purchases. It's that easy!



Donation Boxes

If you are a resident of Henderson, KY, you may have noticed PIF collection boxes at several area businesses. Collection boxes can currently be found at the following locations:

  • Gabbi's Boutique (2nd Street) www.gabbisboutique.com

  • Benton's Garden Center (Hwy 60E)

  • J & B Bar-b-que (Washington St.)

  • Rockhouse Pizza (Robards, KY)

  • Rookies (Downtown Henderson)

  • Ruby Moon Vineyard and Winery (9566 US Hwy 41 A)

If you find yourself with some spare change when supporting one of these local businesses, please support PIF, as well!

JB Pet Partnership

Our foster dogs love their Perla beds from jbpet.com. Buy pet supplies you already need from jbpet and we receive 8% of your order total. Just click on our link and start shopping!

 J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Waggle Tags

For each Waggle Tag sold through our link, PIF earns $2.00. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:
If you make a purchase through the link, it will be credited to PIF.

waggle tages



Shop at hundreds of online retailers and donate $$ to rescue at the same time! For every purchase made at igive.com through Pay It Forward, a percentage will go to our rescue. If you are shopping online, please shop through igive.com.


Sureway Stamps

Do you shop at Sureway Grocery Stores? If so, either place your stamps on the community service sheet labeled Pay It Forward or save your stamps and we will fill out the card for you. For every card we fill, Sureway will give us $10. If you have stamps you would like to donate you may email or call for a volunteer to pick up. Thank you, Sureway, for this opportunity.


Successful Fundraisers

See 2008 Photos with Santa here.

Pay It Forward Auction - See pictures here

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