1st place: Kevin and Princess 1,100 votes

2nd place: Buddy and Cleo 770 votes

3rd place: Jason and Leroy (entry 2) 740 votes

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered and voted in the contest!

Entry 1: Carolyn with Chauncy and Pierre



Entry 2: Jason with Leroy


Entry 3: Jason and Leroy


Entry 4: Robin with Chelsey

Entry 5: Kevin with Princess


Entry 6: Kaitlin with Shelby

Entry 7: Mike with Annie and Abbie


Entry 8: Mike with Annie

Entry 9: Laura with Shelby

Entry 10: Jamie with Sadie


Entry 11: Buddy with Cleo


Entry 12: Regan with Henry


Entry 13: Kelly with Stormie





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